Sunday, March 2, 2008

for real this time

Ok, so I decided to go back up to try to "see" my father again. I need to do some more research. It was actually kind of scary how easy it was to locate his address, map it out, find out about the area where he lives, what his jobs are, etc. I also have to find a place to rent a long lens. I'm not even really sure how long a lens I need. I've also got to either rent a car or borrow one. I guess a Zip car might stand out too much. I feel like a creeper but if it's truly an art project, I have to do this. I feel strangely compelled in a similar way to how I felt that I HAD to photograph Mommy, Allsun and Klare. I needed to understand them. I have to look more into the laws around photographing his house without him knowing. Part of me doesn't actually want to find him.