Monday, June 14, 2010

found ephemera

While visiting my family I went to the land my mother used to live on and recently sold to my best friend from high school. I went inside the double-wide where we lived and it seemed so desperate and trashed. I was really upset my family left it that way for my friend and her husband to deal with. I was so embarrassed. I decided to poke around and see if any of my things had been left behind. I found a bunch of old documentation from my parents' divorce and brought it all back with me. I also found a few things of mine from when I was a kid like a strange curve drawing which I kind of like because of it's simplicity. I also found this strange autobiography from right after my father left us. I vaguely remember writing it and man, is it sad. I'm wondering if any of these things could be relavent to my project or if they might be helpful for my process in making the book.

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